It is my great pleasure to invite you to the International Symposium in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on the challenges on lithium oxygen rechargeable batteries sponsored by the Argentine Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation.
The topic of the International Symposium is to discuss current investigations and challenges on Lithium Oxygen Cathodes for Rechargeable Batteries.
Large reserves of lithium are located in the southern Andes in a triangle defined by the northwest of Argentina (Puna), south of Bolivia (Uyuni) and the north of Chile (Atacama). As a consequence of the great interest in this mineral and the present use of lithium-ion battery technologies in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs) and plug-in Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) which still need to match the energy density of fossil fuels, the Argentine Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation has encouraged us to organize this international scientific symposium.
The main aim of the symposium will be to bring together experts active in various aspects of new lithium air rechargeable batteries to discuss the current status and perspectives as well as recent results. We expect many young scientists in the region and industry to participate of the discussion on the current status of lithium air cathodes which have direct impact on the strategies in future technologies of rechargeable batteries with high capacity and energy density to be used in electric vehicles.
We plan a 3 day scientific symposium in Buenos Aires City at INQUIMAE ( on September 17-19 and a two-day trip to visit the salt lakes in the provinces of Salta and Jujuy distant 1600 kilometers from Buenos Aires where further more relaxed scientific discussions will take place on September 20-21.
Ernesto J. Calvo
Chairman Organizing Committee