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Lucila Paula Méndez de Leo

Position: Research Staff of CONICET (Adjunct Researcher).
Laboratory or research group: Molecular Electrochemistry.
Tel: 5411 4576-3378/89 ext. 121 - Fax: 5411 4576-3341
E-mail: lucilamdl@qi.fcen.uba.ar

Studies in Chemistry: MSc in Chemistry (Licenciada), University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1997.
PhD in Chemistry, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2003.
Postdoc: University of Delaware, Chemistry Department, 2003-2006.
Teaching Position: Senior Teaching Assistant
Position at CONICET: Adjunct  Researcher
Topics of interest: Surface Chemistry, Electron Transfer, Infrared Spectroscopy.

• Matías Villalba, Lucila P. Méndez De Leo, Ernesto J. Calvo, “PM-IRRAS Spectoelectrochemistry of hexacyano-ferrate films in layer-by-layer polyelectrolyte multilayers”, ChemElectroChem 2014, en prensa.
•Nataliia Mozhzhukhina, Lucila P. Méndez De Leo, Ernesto Julio Calvo, “Infrared Spectroscopy Studies on Stability of Dimethyl Sulfoxide for Application in Li-air Battery”, Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2013, en prensa.
•Lucila P. Méndez De Leo, Ezequiel de la Llave, Damián Scherlis and Federico J. Williams . “Electroactive Self-Assembled Monolayers based on Ferrocene-terminated Alkanethiols on Gold Surfaces”, Journal of Chemical Physics 2013, 138,114707.

• Pensa, E.; Vericat, C.; Grumelli, D.; Salvarezza, R. C.; Park, S. H.; Longo, G. S.; Szleifer, I.and Mendez De Leo, L. P., "New insight into the electrochemical desorption of alkanethiol SAMs on gold." Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 2012, 14, 12355–12367.
• S. Bocharov; O. Dmitrenko; L. P. Méndez De Leo; A. V. Teplyakov, “Azide Reactions for Controlling CleanSilicon Surface Chemistry: Benzylazide on Si(100)-2 × 1”, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2006, 128(29); 9300-9301.
• L. P. Méndez De Leo and A.V. Teplyakov “Nitro-group as a means of attaching organic molecules to Silicon. Nitrobenzene on Si(100)-2x1” Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2006, 110(13), 6899-6905.