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Graciela Alicia González

Position: Research Staff of CONICET (Adjunct Researcher).
Laboratory or research group:
Tel: 5411 4576-3378/80 ext. 218 - Fax: 5411 4576-3341
E-mail: graciela@qi.fcen.uba.ar

Studies in Chemistry: Doctora de la Universidad de Buenos Aires área Ciencias Químicas (PhD in Chemistry), University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2003.
Especialista en Ciencias Químicas y Ambiente (Specialist in environmental chemistry), University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1998.
Licenciada en Ciencias Químicas (BSc Chemistry) - University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1997.
Postdoc: Chargé de Recherches, CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique), École Polytechnique, Palaiseau, France, September-November 2006.
Attaché de Recherches, École Polytechnique, Palaiseau, France, March-May 2005.
Teaching Positions: Senior Teaching Assistant.
Position at CONICET: Adjunct Researcher.
Topics of interest: Ionic transport, numerical simulation, sensors.
Research Fellowship:
Fulbright/CONICET  September-November 2008 - Chemistry Department - University of Utah - Salt Lake City - USA.
FOMEC - Training stay - University of Drexel - Departments of Physic and Chemistry - Philadelphia - Pennsylvania, USA, February 14 - Mach 14, 2000.
CONICET  - Doctoral fellowship - 1998-2001.

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"An Electroactive Versatile Matrix for the Construction of Sensors." M. Lorena Cortez , Graciela A. Gonzalez*, Fernando Battaglini.*. Electroanalysis. 2011, 23, 156-160.
"Modeling the electrochemical response of mesoporous materials toward its application to biomolecular detection." Ana So Peinetti, Graciela González*, Fernando Battaglini*, Electroanalysys, 2010, 22, (12), 1329 – 1336.

"Mass transport effect of mesoscopic domains in theamperometric response of an electroactive species: Modeling for its applications in biomolecule detection." Graciela González, Graciela Priano, Mauricio Günther, Fernando Battaglini Sens. Actuators B: Chem.2008.
"Transition between two dendritic growth mechanisms in electrodeposition." Graciela González, Michel Rosso, and Elisabeth Chassaing, Physical Review E 2008, 78, 011601.
"Viscosity Effects in Thin-Layer Electrodeposition." G. González, G. Marshall, F.V. Molina, S. Dengra, M.Rosso Journal of The Electrochemical Society 2001, 148 (7) C479-C487.