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María dos Santos Afonso

Position: Assistant Professor UBA.
Laboratory or research group:
Pollutants chemistry of natural waters and soils.
Tel: 5411 4576-3378/89 ext. 125 - Fax: 5411 4576-3341
E-mail: dosantos@qi.fcen.uba.ar

Studies in Chemistry: MSc in Chemistry (Licenciada), University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1975.
PhD in Chemistry, University of La Plata, Argentina, 1981.
Postdoc: EAWAG-ETH, Switzerland, 1990-1992.
Teaching Positions: Professor of Aquatic Chemistry, University of Buenos Aires (since 1993).
Topics of interest: Environmental chemistry, pesticides and heavy metals interactions with minerals, soils and waters.

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• Fernando Unrein, Inés O’Farrell, Irina Izaguirre, Rodrigo Sinistro, María dos Santos Afonso & Guillermo Tell Phytoplankton response to pH rise in a N-limited floodplain lake: relevance of N2-fixing heterocystous
cianobacteria Aquatic Sciences,72, 179-190, 2010 ISSN 1015-1621 (Print) 1420-9055 (Online).
• George A. Khoury, Todd C. Gehris, Lorena Tribe, Rosa M. Torres Sánchez, Maria dos Santos Afonso, Glyphosate adsorption on montmorillonite: An experimental and theoretical study of surface complexes.
Applied Clay Sci, 50, 167-175, 2010, ISSN 0169-1317.
• María Mar Areco and María dos Santos Afonso Copper, Zinc, Cadmium and Lead Biosorption by Gymnogongrus torulosus. Thermodynamics and Kinetics Studies. Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 81, 620-628, 2010, ISSN 0927-7765.
• Rosa M. Torres Sánchez, Michel J. Genet, Eric M. Gaigneaux, Maria dos Santos Afonso and Simón Yunes. Benzimidazole adsorption on the external and interlayer surface of montmorillonite and treated products.
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