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Proyectos europeos

INQUIMAE and the Department of Inorganic, Analytical and Physical Chemistry have exchange programs for chemistry students such as PIRE (NSF), von Humboldt, Volkswagen and DAAD grants, cooperation with Max-Planck Gesselschaft, Universities in Europe and the United States as well as active cooperation with Brazil. Research fellows of INQUIMAE participate of the Nanoscience and Nano-technology National Network “Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology” (PAE 37063) with the Balseiro Institute in Bariloche, the Atomic Energy Commission (CNEA) and the Institute of Physical Chemistry (INIFTA) in La Plata. There is an active exchange of research students, posdocts and investigators with research centers in Europe and Northamerica.
INQUIMAE is an associated centre of excellence in the south of the Third World Academy of Science (TWAS), and also participates of the Seventh Framework Program of the European Community FP7 in EURALSUR Coordination Action (Network in Advanced Materials and Nanomaterials of Industrial Interest between Europe and Latinamerican Countries of Mercosur –Argentina-Brazil-Uruguay) and BIOMOLECTRONICS (Biomolecular Electronics and Electrocatalysis) Marie Curie International Research Staff Exchange.
INQUIMAE participates of the Argentine-Brazil Binational Center for Nanotechnology through the exchange of students and specialized schools and courses such as “Nanoparticles”, “Sol-gel Chemistry” and “Surface Chemistry” offered to a wide scientific community. Visits and courses of international scientists like Prof. Luis Liz Marzan of the University of Vigo (Spain) in December 2008 (From colloid chemistry to nanoparticles) and Prof. Héctor Abruña of Cornell University in June 2009 (Opportunities for Chemistry in Energy).
Argentine scientists who live abroad participate in activities at the Institute through the Program Raices-Milstein of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation: Professors Silvia Braslavsky (Mulheim, Germany), David Schiffrin (Liverpool, United Kingdom), Igal Szleifer (Northwestern University, US), Valeria Kleiman (University of Florida), etc.